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Coors set to launch lower alcohol Carling in UK

Dec 20, 2004 - Coors is launching a lower-alcohol version of the United Kingdom's biggest selling lager. Coors, whose UK base is in Burton-on-Trent, will introduce a 2% (alcohol by volume) version of Carling, initially in pubs.


Coors said the new beer, dubbed C2, is aimed at drinkers who want to limit their alcohol consumption, but prefer beer rather than soft drinks.

"There are so many occasions where drinkers have to either opt for a soft drink which they don't really like, or make a single pint last two or three hours," said marketing director Mark Hunter. "C2 has all the taste of a proper pint of lager, but with only half the strength."

Coors purchased most of the former Bass Brewers operation from Dutch brewer Interbrew in 2002 and also makes Grolsch, Coors Fine Light Beer and Bass bitter.

The brewer said C2 was the result of more than a decade of trials and in excess of 780 different recipes. It has invested more than 2.5 million in research, trials and product development for C2.

Coors said the new lager is naturally brewed and is different than a low-alcohol or non-alcoholic beer, which has its alcohol removed after brewing.

Carling commands 14% of the total UK beer market and has doubled in size since 1996, having sold 5.4 million barrels or more than 1.5 billion pints in the last year.

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