Happy Hour for 6 weeks

Residents of neighborhood drink free beer from stolen truck

Dec 9, 2004 - A disgruntled ex-employee stole a truck full of Miller Lite beer and left it for residents of a west side Indianapolis neighborhood to enjoy for free.


Indiana police are looking for the man who left behind the ingredients for a six-week-long block party. Investigators say a just-fired deliveryman employee parked the 53-foot trailer and invited the neighborhood to help themselves.

The sei-trailer held 14,000 cases of beer, but residents drank "only" 1,500 cases valued at $30,000.

"I'm really surprised there's any beer left," Marion County sheriff's Detective Christa Moncrief said. "I figured it would have been gone within the first week, but maybe not a lot of people knew it was here."

An area liquor store tipped authorities to the trailer after someone tried to sell the store a pallet of beer.