Call it a binge belly

Concentrated drinking sessions lead to apple shape

Dec 2, 2004 - New research links binge drinking and beer bellies. The report indicates that those who drink large amounts of alcohol in one or two sittings a week tend to be more apple-shaped than those who drink the same amount over the course of a week.


Professor Gronbeck of the Center for Alcohol research in Denmark said people with an apple figure are at higher risk of developing conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Details of the study were revealed to the Portman Group, a drinks industry-funded body in England that promotes responsible drinking. The report suggested that moderate drinking can have a protective effect against cardiovascular disease.

"It seems that the greatest beneficial effect on coronary heart disease is only if you have a regular, small alcohol intake," Gronbeck said. "If you have a high alcohol intake you should never binge drink, you should never drink more than four to five drinks a day."

He said around one or two units of alcohol a day, on five days a week, may have a beneficial effect on coronary heart disease.

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