Miller ad uses union label

Tongue-in-cheek pitch says UAW contract has Miller Lite clause

Nov 26, 2004 - Miller Brewing launched a regional advertising campaign this week suggesting, in a light-hearted way, that the United Auto Workers union has wording in its contract that requires its members to choose Miller Lite over other brands.


The UAW does not officially sanction Miller Lite, but did grant permission to use the UAW logo in the ads, promoting the work of its members. It did not charge Miller.

The print ad appeared first in The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press, with type stating, "UAW Article 56: Demand More From Your Beer." It features the union's famous circular logo, a worker in full welding gear, and a large color photo of a Miller Lite bottle.

The text, which mimics contract language, says UAW members "shall support his/her union by buying a union-made product" and drink Miller Lite "with friends after work or on the weekend."

The UAW points out there isn't an Article 56. "This is an advertiser's idea for a humorous way to promote a UAW-made product," said union spokesman Roger Kerson.

"They contacted us and we agreed in the spirit of promoting a good, union-made beverage."

The UAW represents workers at Miller breweries in California, Wisconsin and Trenton, Ohio. The union doesn't represent workers at other breweries in the United States.