Sep 24, 2018


Try before you buy

English brewer rolls out sampling program to boost cask ale sales

Nov 19, 2004 - English brewer Wadworth hopes to convert more customers into cask-conditioned ale drinkers by using a "try before you buy" program in its pubs.


"Try before you buy is a good guarantee of beer quality," said marketing director Dick Stafford. "It reassures customers on what they are about to buy."

Wadworth, whose brands include Wadworth 6X, has developed a "smiley pint" logo, which has been put on pump clips and stuck next to bar tops.

"We are aiming at people who are curious about cask beer (also known as "real ale"), at customers who usually order other drinks, such as a lager, and at women. It is about trying to recruit new people to the category," Stafford said.

Wadworth has emphasised its commitment to beer quality thanks to the recent introduction of a "pint-sized" brewery on the premises. It allows Wadworth's brewers to experiment with new brews with a view to introducing them in the company's estate.

The brewers recently made a new mild beer and it is currently on trial in 14 Wadworth pubs.

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