Heineken offers warning

Dutch brewers' responsbility campaign acknowledges dangers of drinking

Nov 10, 2004 - Dutch brewer Heineken plans to put labels on its beer directing consumers to visit a newly developed website that promotes responsible consumption and acknowledges the dangers of drinking too much.


The firm said bottles and cans around the world would carry the message, and that such bottles are already on sale in the United States.

Scottish & Newcastle previously announced its labels will tell customers how many units of alcohol each drink contains plus the recommended daily limits.

Heineken carefully pointed how much customers choose to drink is up to them. But it also acknowledged that it has a part to play in educating drinkers.

"Whilst consumers are responsible for their own drinking behavior, we are nonetheless committed to help remind and inform consumers about responsible drinking and the dangers of alcohol abuse," said Thony Ruys, Heineken's chairman.

The website - at - includes information about recommended limits on consumption, advice about not drinking and driving, and a quiz which tests knowledge about alcohol.

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