Public beer drinking ban

Russian parliament OKs bill restricting beer sales

Oct 29, 2004 - Russia's lower house of parliament has given a final endorsement to a bill that would make it illegal to drink beer in public.


The State Duma voted 414-1 with one abstension to endorse the bill, which now needs to be approved by the upper house and signed by President Vladimir Putin to become law. This comes following legislation that tightly restricted beer commercials and advertising

It's unclear when the Upper House will take up the measure.

The bill bans drinking beer on streets, in stadiums, on public transportation, in parks or in other places where there are no cafes or restaurants. Beer sales would be banned near schools and universities and to people under 18. Violators would be fined 100 rubles ($3.33), or about four times the price of an average bottle of Russian beer.

Drinking vodka and hard alcohol in public is already illegal in Russia.

Brewers say the law will be impossible to enforce, and have called the measure "a witch hunt" pushed by the country's powerful vodka industry.

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