'Winey beer' patented

United Brewers in India tests 8% brew

Oct 20, 2004 - The dominant brewer in India has applied for a patent for a new "winey beer" called Jaguar, and has begun selling the beer in Bangalore.


United Brewers describes Jaguar, which is 8% alcohol by volume, as offering "a sweet taste of wine." It was released after two years of intense research and development in various UB centres across the world, assistant vice president for sales and marketing of the Group Kiran Kumar told newsmen.

UB, which accounts for 40% of beer sales in India, has positioned the beer as a "different animal," hoping to attract new drinkers to beer.

The beer will be rolled out nationally in a phased manner after it is test marketed in Karnataka, which is among the top three beer consuming states in the country along with Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

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