Beer Journalists honored

Jackson given special tribute; editor receives award

Oct 2, 2004 - The Association of Brewers honored the work of four journalists who have covered the flavor and diversity of American beer in awards handed out during the Great American Beer Festival. The awards, sponsored by Rogue Ales, were given to editor Stan Hieronymus for a story titled "For the Love of Hops," to James P. DeWan for work that appeared in the Chicago Tribune, and to Lisa Morrison for a column that appeared on the Internet Broadcast Systems network. The Association also recognized the work of veteran beer journalist Michael Jackson with a Distinguished Service Award.


"Thanks to the work of these talented journalists, the American consumer has become more knowledgeable about the wide range of flavors found in American-made beers today," said Ray Daniels, Director of Craft Beer Marketing for the Association of Brewers and coordinator of the awards program. "Thanks to Rogue Ales, we are able to both recognize and reward the work that they have done."

Jackson received the first award given under the program. "We felt it fitting to begin by recognizing the man who is without doubt the most prolific and most accomplished contributor to beer journalism," said Daniels.

In bestowing the Distinguished Service Award, Daniels said that "[Jackson's] body of work stands as the single most complete and comprehensive collection ever created about the character of beer. And while his work is a treasure for drinkers of today, I have no doubt that it will also serve as a reference for many generations providing an unmatched beacon of enlightenment for hundreds if not thousands of years to come."