Oktoberfest Barbie

Fashion designer puts doll in drindl, gives her a beer mug

Aug 23, 2004 - James Waldron, head designer for the fashion label Rena Lange, has created a special Oktoberfest Barbie. She is wearing an Alpine dirndl dress and has a beer mug around her neck.


The dirndl is the traditional dress worn by women in Bavaria and the Alps. Waldron says he created the "Mountain Dirndl Barbie" based on Julie Andrews' character Maria in The Sound of Music.

The one-off tiny ensemble consists of a hand woven French tweed skirt, a red apron with Swiss embroidery and frilly blouse with a cotton gauze and lace decollete. It also comes with the metal stein - the lidded tankers Germans use for beer at the festivals.

As a result, a South African newspaper headlined the story: "Oktoberfest Barbie comes with her own jugs."

She will wear the dress at the Munich Oktoberfest, which begins Sept. 18.

Waldron created the miniature as a preview of the life-sized dirndl that will be part of the Rena Lange 2005 summer collection. Nobody expects Mattel Inc., which produces Barbie dolls, to make this a part of the Barbie line.

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