Beer's blokey image

Many women in Australia shy away from beer because its a 'masculine drink'

Aug 10, 2004 - Many women in Australia don't drink beer because they don't want to look like "one of the blokes," according to a new survey.


The survey of 1100 women by ad agency Patterson Partners Adcafe found 37% liked the taste of beer and 27% were even up for "swigging from the bottle." However, 61.3% said they did not drink beer at all, 42% believed beer was a "masculine drink" and 10.4% said they felt like one of the boys when drinking beer.

Adcafe spokesman Zed Elliott said the time could be right for a brewer to create a brew specifically for women. "It's clear from our research that many women don't mind having a beer but the image of being one of the boys may be deterring them from making it their beverage of choice," he said.

South Australian Brewing Company managing director Mark Powell doesn't necessarily agree. "Our research tells us that women don't want to be singled out because of their gender. They want to be treated as equals to men," he said.

His company's ads emphasize that men and women socialize together over beer.

Two women who drink beer - Brooke Sullivan and Danielle Abraham - said advertising focused on men is enough to put women off beer. "Maybe the brewers would benefit from more generic promotion of their products," Sullivan said.

Abraham, 24, said most people her age drank beer. "Girls drink beer probably as much as the guys, particularly when they're younger," she said.

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