The sexy sound of beer

German acoustics expert says bottle popping gets your juices going

July 13, 2004 - An acoustics expert in Germany says that the sound a bottle opening makes can ignite your taste buds. It's not just the thought of drinking beer, but the actual tones you hear that make you thirsty.


Some breweriess take Friedrich Bluter, who runs Synotec, seriously enough that they've hired him as a consultant.

Bluter believes that the design of a bottle can make all the difference to the sound the beer makes when poured; a sound he says can make the pouring of beer an almost sexual experience for the drinker. "The shorter the distance between bottle belly and neck, the more harmonious and more erotic the beer sounds when it is poured out," Bluter said.

Bluter reckons that these rules of attraction have helped some beers prosper while others have struggled.

For instance, the sound of Bavarian beer being poured is much more arousing than the sound of the lighter Koelsch-style beer. And this can be improved upon, according to Bluter. "If the brewers manage to generate deep, slow vibrations as heard with the Czech Pilsner, their beer could become even more successful."

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