Boulevard booming

Kansas City brewery plans major expansion

June 8, 2004 - Boulevard Brewing Co. in Kansas City is planning a $15 million addition that would increase its beer-making capacity more than five-fold. The brewery has grown 15-20% annually for the past eight years, and it expects to produce more than 85,000 barrels this year. At that rate, it will soon reach its capacity of 105,000 barrels. The addition would enable it to eventually brew 600,000 barrels a year.


"We now have 2 percent of the market in Kansas City, and there's no reason we can't have 5 or 8 or 10 percent of our hometown market," said Jeff Krum, chief financial officer for Boulevard. "Then there's Omaha; Des Moines; Yankton, South Dakota; St. Louis. We have a much smaller fraction in those places, but there's no good reason why -- if we do things right -- we can't grow our market share there."

Construction of a new 70,000-square-food building to house a new brewhouse would begin in March 2005, and the new brewery would begin producing beer by June 2006.

Boulevard expects its work force to grow about 10% a year with the proposed expansion. The company has expanded three times in the past 15 years and has consistently added new equipment to keep up with demand, making it one of the largest specialty brewers in the Midwest and the second-largest brewery in Missouri.

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