From bank to bar to jail

Alleged robber couldn't wait to stop for a beer

Apr 23, 2004 - A thirsty bank robber didn't get far Thursday after allegedly holding up a bank in Huntington Beach, Calif. He stopped at a nearby bar and was arrested there before he could finish one beer.


"One Budweiser draft," Ronald Langdale told bartender Martin Jimenez, putting a $5 bill on the bar at Mario's Restaurant, which shares the same strip mall property as the Bank of America. Minutes before, a robber told a BoA teller he had a weapon and wanted cash. He fled on foot.

Police arrested Langdale, 58, before he got half way through his beer. The bartender said Langdale was silent but didn't appear to be hiding from anyone. He had the loot with him in a white plastic bag, Sgt. Mike Mello said.

"In all my years, we've never had one of these," said Mello, a 21-year department veteran.