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BAA, Draught Guild initiate program for better beer dispensing

Mar 17, 2004 - The Brewers' Association of America (BAA) and the Draught Beer Guild have reached an agreement to work cooperatively on a Draught Beer Retail Certification Program. The organizations state that the program will give retailers the educational tools they need to achieve consistent, high quality draft beer dispense.


"Draft beer is the life blood of the small brewing industry," said BAA President Daniel Bradford. "Making sure the beer tastes as good in the glass as it does in the keg is extremely important for our brewery members and a high priority of our association."

The DBG was founded in 1999, with the mission of protecting and promoting the quality of draught beer. The Guild brings the technical expertise necessary to establish benchmark standards of care for retail

draught product, minimum dispense system design and maintenance standards, and appropriate presentation standards to suit any particular style of beer and brewer preference.

The Retail Certification Program will promote the importance of quality dispense issues to point of sale personnel. "Having the BAA's muscle behind this initiative is key to our success, as it ensures that retailers get the knowledge and hands-on know-how essential to properly handle draft products," said Keith Lemcke, Executive Managing Director of the DBG.

"Right now, too many consumers are drinking, or perhaps not drinking, beer that has been damaged by improper handling after it leaves the brewery, or by poorly maintained draft lines," Lemke said. "Together, the BAA and the DBG can make this a thing of the past."

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