New No. 1 in Germany

Food giant acquires Brau & Brunnen; now Germany's largest brewer

Feb 16, 2004 -

German food giant Oetker has taken over Brau & Brunnen, making it the largest brewing operatiion in Germany. Oetker already owns the Raderberger group.

Oetker now controls German beer brands Berliner Pilsener, Brinkhoff und Oderland in addition to its current brands Radeberger, Clausthaler, Schoefferhofer, Binding, Berliner Kindl, DAB and Ur-Krostitzer.

Oetker said it sees the takeover as a step to combating progress made by foreign beer makers in Germany. Brau & Brunnen had been on the market for some time - a merger with BrauHolding fell through last fall - and there was conjecture the brewing operation might go to a foreign brewing company.

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