Beer benefits sea turtles

Portion of Honu Beer sales go to World Turtle Trust

Dec 23, 2003 - Hawaiian beer drinkers will soon be able to toast and help preserve endangered sea turtles with a special beer. Honu Brewing Co. and Paradise Distribution begin distributing Honu Beer throughout Hawaii next month, and portion of the proceeds will benefit the World Turtle Trust.


Honu beer"The moment you see a sea turtle face-to-face is the moment you commit yourself to their preservation," said Brett Porter, Honu Brewing head brewer. Honu Brewing is a subsidiary of Portland Brewing. "I returned from my last Hawaiian vacation knowing I had to do something. And since I'm a brewer, I figured I could make the greatest impact through beer."

Honu, the Hawaiian word for sea turtle, is a golden ale made with 100% barley. It comes in a clear bottle that showcases a swimming sea turtle.

Founded in 1990, the World Turtle Trust in Honolulu has raised awareness of endangered sea turtles with a series of award-winning documentary films. The non-profit organization also raises funds for independent sea turtle conservation efforts worldwide.

"Education and conservation are the key to saving sea turtles," said World Turtle Trust spokesperson Roz Rapozo. "Honu Beer will help by raising public awareness and generating funds for conservation efforts throughout the world."

All seven species of sea turtles are considered endangered or threatened. Causes include loss of coral reefs; human development on nesting beaches; polluting of oceans with chemicals and garbage; harvesting of turtles for shells, leather and meat; poaching of eggs; death by driftnets, gillnets, shrimp trawling nets and other fishing gear; and a mysterious and fatal disease called fibropapilloma. The World Turtle Trust is committed to reversing these trends through education and funding of independent conservation efforts worldwide.

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