No beer goggles for women?

Drinking may not make women find men more attractive

Sept 23, 2003 - A new study indicates that "beer goggles" may not work the same way for women as men. Research at the University of Vienna confirmed that the more men drink the more likely they are to find a woman attractive, but found the reverse is true for women.


This contradicts work by scientists in Scotland that indicates there is no difference in the beer goggles effect between men and women.

Psychologist Andreas Mittermair, who headed the Vienna research team, told a newspaper: "It has long been known that women do not have the same obsession with looks as men and are more interested in other qualities like personality.

"But it was interesting that alcohol makes a man seem even less attractive to a woman and contradicts popular belief that alcohol will encourage a romantic mood for both sexes."

The study took a set of both male and female volunteers and asked them to grade pictures of the opposite sex from good-looking to ugly while sober. Different volunteers were then given varying amounts of alcohol and asked to perform the same task.

"Without fail, drunken men rated girls several grades up the ladder in comparison with men who had graded the same pictures but had not been drinking," Mittermair said.

However, drunken women consistently gave pictures of men lower ratings than women who were sober. "We have to conclude that there is a significant connection between the alcohol level and the perception of beauty for men and women it just works the opposite way for both sexes," he said.

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