'Catfight' women return

Before new Miller Lite campaign begins, actresses appear on limited edition bottles

Aug 18, 2003 - Miller Lite advertising is about to leave the famous "Catfight" TV ads behind, but the controversial campaign will live on for collectors. Miller Brewing Co. is rolling out limited edition labels for 12-ounce bottles of Miller Lite that depict actresses Tanya Ballinger and Kitana Baker.


The two "Catfight" labels each have a photo of Ballinger and Baker facing one another in a menacing, breast-to-breast pose. One label features Ballinger, who takes the "tastes great" position in their debate, while the other has Baker, a vociferous supporter of the "less filling" stance.

The bottles will be sold at taverns in 10 cities, including Green Bay. Ballinger and Baker are making promotional tours to taverns in those cities, having started in San Diego. The visit to Green Bay will be Sept. 13 and Sept. 14, including a stop at Lambeau Field for the Packers-Lions game, said Miller spokeswoman Molly Reilly.

The campaign comes as Miller plans to replace the "Catfight" ads, which have been running since the beginning of the year.

Miller Lite has "weak brand equity" and needs to be strengthened beyond the awareness that the "Catfight" campaign raised, Chief Executive Officer Norman Adami said in May.

Reilly said the "Catfight" ads have greatly raised awareness of Miller Lite, despite continued falling sales for the brand. "It's some of the best work we've done in 10 years," Reilly said. "It's relevant."

The original "Catfight" spot, which featured Ballinger and Baker tearing off each other's clothes during a brawl, drew much media attention - and criticism - over its sexual content when it debuted in January. Additional spots that debuted in March continued the theme, including one ad currently in circulation that has former "Baywatch" actress Pamela Anderson joining in the fun.

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