Drinkers earn more

British study finders teetotalers make £2,000 a year less

Aug 13, 2003 - A new study in England has discovered that those who enjoy an occasional alcoholic drink make more money than teetotalers. The research at Stirling University found that drinkers earn and average of almost £2,000 a year than those who don't drink.


The study, based on regular surveys of 17,000 people who were born in Britain in 1958, suggests that socializing with workmates leads to promotions and pay raises.

"The survey shows you don't want to be a teetotaller if you want to get on in your job. People who drink moderately seem to earn more," said Professor David Bell, the study's author.

"It may be that people are not really seen as one of the gang if they don't go to the pub with their colleagues after work. That may not help them in their career progress. Social networking is quite important in terms of career advancement."

The survey also found that, in contrast, heavy drinking can lead to difficulties at work, "But you have to drink quite a lot for it to be a problem," Bell said. "If instead of binge-drinking you steadily soak yourself in alcohol it has no impact on earnings."

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