Fake beer seized

English officers find bogus kegs of Carlsberg beer near Liverpool

July 18, 2003 - British authorities have seized 82 kegs of fake Carlsberg beer in a raid near Liverpool, but believe that 120 11-gallon kegs were already sold to the public through a wholesaler in Anfield.


Allan Auty, principal trading standards officer, said: "It's the first seizure of such a vast amount in Merseyside. This is a very sophisticated operation, needing the proper aluminium kegs and filling equipment.

"The wholesaler appears to be an innocent party in all of this."

Authorities were operating on a tip that keg labels on the Carlsberg-Tetley beer had incorrect batch code details on keg labels. Genuine Carlsberg-Tetley kegs were used and the labels and seals were good copies.

"The kegs could have gone anywhere in Liverpool, pubs, clubs or even private individuals," Auty said.

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