Elephants never forget ... beer

Villagers fear now that elephants have tasted rice brew they will return

July 9, 2003 - Flooding in India's Kaziranga National Park in Assam has driven out 64 elephants, who then found rice beer and blocked traffic during a leisurely stroll back into the jungle.


Fleeing along with hundreds of wild animals migrating to the adjoining Karbi Anglong hills, some Asiatic elephants strayed into a tea garden colony close to the park. There the elephant herd discovered rice brew and started feasting on it before villagers chased away the animals with flaming torches, firecrackers, drums and cymbals.

"We now fear that the elephants will make it a habit to enter our colony after getting a taste of rice beer," said a tea garden worker. "The elephants sipped to the last drop before smashing the earthen cask in which the beer is brewed."

The elephants blocked a highway that criss-crosses the park while walking leisurely on the main road before disappearing to the thick jungles on the other side of the sanctuary.

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