Kegs away

MacTarnahan's keg toss to benefit Portland schools

July 1, 2003 - Portland, Oregon, celebrities will don kilts, bare their knees and heave aluminum kegs for Portland Public School District's arts and athletics at MacTarnahan's Keg Toss, July 18 at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Following 15.5-gallon keg tosses by world-renowned Highlander Games athletes, local celebrities will toe the line for their chance to capture first place with the farthest 7.75-gallon, pony keg mark.


"MacTarnahan's Keg Toss is a playful way to celebrate Scottish culture," said brewery patriarch Mac MacTarnahan. "But it will raise serious funds for Portland kids.

"When we throw those kegs for Portland's kids, I want everyone at the top of Fox Tower to hear them clank."

For each celebrity who throws a keg, $100 will be donated in the competitors name to the Portland Public Schools Foundation. First place in the men's and women's categories will also be inducted into the hallowed "World Keg Toss Association Hall of Fame." The keg toss has had such celebrities as former Portland Trail Blazer and NBA great Kermit Washington and former NFL Pro Bowler Stan Brock.

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