Miller takes aim on Europe

Goal is to promote Genuine Draft as 'liquid symbol' of America

June 13, 2003 - SABMiller hopes to take advantage of Europeans' love affair with American brands and plans to promote Miller Genuine Draft as a sophisticated international premium beer in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland and Italy. A spokesman said the aim is to promote Miller as the liquid symbol of America, in order to attract a new generation of European beer drinkers.


The Wall Street reported that the plan is to "launch the Miller brand across Europe as part of an effort to turn a struggling U.S. icon into an upmarket global beer."

Alan Clark, managing director of SABMiller's European operations, said the company wanted to tap into Europeans' affection for American brands such as Marlboro cigarettes and Levi's jeans. "We want to emphasize the youthful exuberance of the Miller brand and its sense of freedom," he said.

The focus on worldwide sales same as Miller fights dwindling sales in the U.S. Sales are off 5% in the last year since South African Breweries bought Miller from Philip Morris.

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