Coors backs American Beer Month

Billboards on ESPN will feature July celebration

May 20, 2003 - Coors Brewing Co. plans advertising that will help promote American Beer Month for the second consecutive July. The Colorado-based brewer will run television billboards on the ESPN family of networks, focusing attention on the fourth annual ABM.


"Coors Brewing Company's support last year was the first ever national television exposure for American Beer Month. It was huge. We are thrilled to again be able to bring awareness of American Beer Month to the American public. This promotion is an example of a great American brewery with 130 years of tradition standing up proudly for the quality of American beers," said Paul Gatza, Director for the Institute of Brewing Studies, a division of the Association of Brewers.

American Beer Month, celebrated in the month of July, is a grassroots campaign, organized by the Association of Brewers (AOB), to promote American brewing and celebrate the diversity and variety of American beer. "Discover the flavors of independence" has been selected as the new slogan for the campaign.

As well as the television campaign, Coors will promote American Beer Month with radio tags in Denver.

"We are very pleased to support American Beer Month. American brewers produce some of the finest beer in the world, and by generating consumer awareness of American Beer Month, we hope people will choose American brew this month," said Laura Sankey, Vice President of marketing for Coors Brewing.

National brewery restaurants have joined in the celebration. Rock Bottom Restaurants & Breweries will again offer its annual specialty brew, American Dream nationwide in July in honor of ABM. Hops Restaurant Bar and Brewery is tapping a special brew, Star Spangled Ale. Hops and Rock Bottom are also offering a discount to American Homebrewers Association members as part of national pub discount program.

The AOB raised $5,600 to help fund American Beer Month's promotions and activities with a silent auction held during the Craft Brewers conference in New Orleans.

"As a supplier in the craft brewing industry, it's important that we support the business that keeps us in business," said Susan Asp of Boelter Companies, which donated items to the auction. "Donating is a very small cost to many of us. This is our industry celebration, kind of like Christmas or New Year's Day. The money raised helps the media and others 'get the word out' about American Beer Month. The more we promote it, the more American Beer Month will be recognized."

American Beer Month 2003 posters, stickers and press releases were available at the silent auction for conference attendees and are still available by contacting Monica Tall, Association of Brewers, at 303-447-0816 ext. 108 or

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