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Irish beer drinkers best Germans

'To place behind the Czechs is nothing to be ashamed of, but ...'

Apr 25, 2003 - It's one thing to be bested on the beer drinking front by the Czechs, but German beer drinkers seem particularly upset by a new study from the German Brewers Association that indicates the Irish consume more beer per capita than the Germans.


"That can't be true. They must not have included me in their study," said Guenter Hegel, 69, from Berlin.

"To place behind the Czechs is nothing to be ashamed of, they have very good beer," said Hans Werder, 53. "But the Irish? Who likes to drink Guinness?"

Berte Klippien, spokeswoman from the German Brewers Association said that although the statistics showed the Czechs drank more, it was possible that the figures were misleading. She said: "We have been monitoring the drinking habits of nations around the world for some time now. One explanation for the rise in the amount of beer drunk in the Czech Republic is its split from Slovakia. The Slovaks obviously don't drink as much as the Czechs and when the two countries were joined the number of non-beer drinkers was greater, making the average amount of beer drunk per person lower."

Only three per cent of beer in Germany is imported, with 67% of the nation preferring Pils to any other style. The statistics showed that in 2002 the Czechs consumed on average 158 liters of beer per person, the Irish 125 liters and the Germans 121.5 liter. In the UK the average amount of beer drunk per person was 97.1 liters, the Dutch consumed 80.5 liters and the wine-loving French and Italians came in last with 35.9 liters and 28.9 liters respectively.

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