Brewery honors craft beer pioneers

Seven from Maine enter Shipyard Hall of Fame

Mar 16, 2003 - Seven individuals were inducted into The Shipyard Hall of Fame at a ceremony held March 13 at the Mariner's Church Banquet Center in Portland, Maine.


The Shipyard Hall of Fame was established in 1995 to recognize individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the development of the craft beer industry in Maine. Past inductees include the father of microbrewing in England, Peter Austin, and beer wholesale legends Nick Nappi, Walter Simcock and the Cronin brothers.

This year's inductees include: Peter Welch, founder of RSVP; the three owners of the Great Lost Bear -- David Evans, Weslie Evans and Chip MacConnell; and Donald Berry and Sandra Marston, owners of $3 Dewey's.

The vision of each of these individuals shaped the future success of the craft beer industry in Maine. All three of these businesses represent the first establishments to risk embracing craft beer brewed in Maine as the cornerstone of their business. Their vision opened the door for the craft beer business to grow into an $11 million dollar industry in the state of Maine. Their vision has also expanded the choices available to beer enthusiasts throughout the state.

There are currently about 30 breweries in Maine and, including all the seasonal waitstaff that makes their living through the craft brew industry, the beer business in Maine employs more than 1,000.

Also honored at this event were tap handle artist, Claude Andre Schmutz, and, Malcolm Sargent, former operations manager at Shipyard. Before passing away, both of these men made significant contributions to the development of the craft beer industry in Maine.

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