'Bawdy' commercial survives scrutiny

Advertising authority OKs Carling spot where woman pours beer on herself

Mar 12, 2003 - A British advertising authority has rejected complaints that a commercial shown at movies in England is too bawdy and too demeaning to men to be shown.


The commercial for Carling beer showed a woman upset after returning home to find her man sat drinking beer instead of cleaning the apartment. As she goes to clear up a beer can some beer spills over the table. The man kneels down and starts to lick it up. It gives the woman an idea, and the rest of the commerical shows the man cleaning other rooms in the house with his tongue -- wherever the woman spills beer.

In the final scene of the commercial the woman pours beer on herself. The man can be seen crouching down with his tongue sticking out.

The advertising standards authority took a look at the commercial after some moviegoers said the commercial was "lewd, offensive and in poor taste because it was demeaning to men".

Coors, which owns Carling, defended the spot, saying the man was a "willing participant in a playful game between the couple". The Cinema Advertising Association agreed, noting that although it is "bawdy," the humorous nature of the commercial made it "broadly acceptable" for more mature audiences.

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