'New Beer's Eve' April 7

Brewers across America invited to remember repeal of Prohibition

Feb 18, 2003 - The Brewers' Association of America has announced a national promotion to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition, with participating breweries marking the event on April 7.


Participating breweries, BAA members and nonmembers alike, will receive free point of sale material to facilitate a night of remembrance, the night beer came back after a thirteen year drought.

We Want Beer"People need to be reminded of the single biggest cause of brewery closure," said Daniel Bradford, BAA President. "Prohibition lead to the demise of thousands of breweries and the creation of a violent criminal element. We need to remember this travesty, because it could happen again."

Celebrating member small breweries and wholesalers will receive free table tents, banners and posters, to promote the celebration. Nonmembers will pay a nominal fee for the materials. The most popular theme among breweries already committed to the event is tapping a repeal style beer on "New Beer's Eve," April 7.

"We expect to see 200 breweries and wholesalers raise the Repeal flag during the first weekend in April," adds Bradford. "Coming right after the 12th Annual Brewers/NBWA Legislative Conference in Washington, the Anniversary Celebration of Repeal will remind people of the importance of protecting our national heritage — the right to make and enjoy beer."

To join the celebration write, email or call the Brewers' Association of America, 501 Washington St., Durham, NC 27705, 919-530-8140, by March 1.

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