Seven Bridges earns organic stamp

California supplier believed to be first homebrew retailer to be certified

Jan 15, 2003 - Seven Bridges Cooperative in California has earned organic certification under the USDA national Organic Program, striking a claim as the first homebrew retailer in the world to be so certified.


"This is a great milestone for our cooperative," said President and General manager Amelia Slayton. "We worked really hard for the past five years to provide an organic alternative to homebrewer. Being certified organic will make our mission to educate consumer about the benefits of choosing organic and provide better brew for a better world a little easier."

The organic rules put in place by the USDA last fall assure consumers that organic products reach certain standards. In addition, all of the equipment and storage facilities must be inspected to make sure no harmful chemicals are used in cleaning equipment or pest management, and no chemical or other potentially harmful processing aids or additives are used in the processing of organic foods.

Seven Bridges Cooperative Micro Brewery Inc. was founded in 1996 to produce organic beer and mead. Currently the cooperative specializes in selling organic ingredients for home brewers and home coffee roasters through its mail order catalog, on-line store, and retail store in Santa Cruz.

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