Magazine honors New Belgium

Malt Advocate picks Brooklyn, Unibroue products as 'beers of the year'

Jan 3, 2003 - Malt Advocate magazine has chosen New Belgium Brewing Co. brewery of the year in making its annual awards. The Pennsylvania-based drinks magazine selected a limited production beer from Brooklyn Brewery as its domestic beer of the year and Unibroue 10 out of Canada as its import beer of the year.


Brewery of the year: Malt Advocate praises New Belgium on all levels, from the way it runs its business to the beer it brews. From the magazine: "... just look at the beer. La Folie. 1554 Black Ale. Blue Paddle Pilsner. Porch Swing Single. Tripel. Biere de Mars. New Belgium brews a lot ofdifferent beers very well, a sure indication of greatness. They innovate, they venerate, and their quality control is impeccable."

Domestic Beer of the Year: Manchester Star Porter, a joint project between Brooklyn's Garrett Oliver and Giles Dennis of the J.W. Lees brewery in Manchester, England. The beer was brewed just once. "We don't have any plans to brew it again right now," Olver said. "but that doesn't mean it won't come back. It might make a return. It would be a good excuse to have Giles over to taste it."

Import beer of the year: The brewery's 10th anniversary beer was also a one-time brew. The magazine wrote: "This beautifully presented bottle-Unibroue's classic Belgian-style 750 ml cork-finished package with a gold '10' applied to the glass-contains a beer that takes up where La Fin du Monde left off, pushing the tripel style even further."

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