Women chase away beer trucks

Mexican villagers tired of men coming home drunk

Dec 19, 2002 - Women in the Mexican village of Teenek have cut off the beer supply to the mountain town by chasing away delivery trucks. The town's men have been described as "sad."


The women greet the trucks by shouting "Get out! Get out!", and have left the town basically dry except for special ceremonies.

The women told a local newspaper they are fed up with their men stumbling home drunk and even falling over in corn fields.

"A lot of men are not happy with this. They seem sad. But oh, well." said Marcelina Martinez. "At least now they spend time with their families. They didn't want to listen to us so we had to get angry."

Teenek women traditionally don't drink and rarely hold positions of power. They decided to take matters into their own hands, refusing to allow any more alcohol to be sold in their community. Liquor in the village is now only allowed for traditional ceremonies. Another 12 villages in the area say they are seriously considering adopting the same rules.

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