Drunken elephants go on rampage

At least 6 in India killed after elephants get into rice beer

Dec 17, 2002 - At least six persons were crushed to death by wild elephants that went amok after getting drunk on rice beer near Guwahati, India. A forest official said the herd went on the rampage Monday in Tinsukia district.


"They smashed huts and plundered granaries and broke open casks to drink rice beer. The herd then went berserk killing six persons," according to a Reuters report.

Wild elephants have been targeting areas where people brew large volumes of rice beer. "We have come across devastating drunken bouts by herds that have developed a liking for country liquor," Kushal Sharma, a noted elephant expert, said.

In the last two years, elephants have killed at least 150 people. Villagers, in turn, have killed up to 200 of the animals.

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