Beer and bubbles

German brewery suggests trying its beer in the bath

Nov 26, 2002 - Klosterbrauerei, or A German monastic brewery, is promoting its dark brown beer as a bath supplement. The brewery, in Neuzelle, near Leipzig, eastern Germany, says the dark brown brew has restorative powers for both the mind and body, improving the skin as well as spirits.


Klosterbrauerei showed off its "new" product to shoppers in Leipzig last week.

"It opens up the pores, the yeast penetrates the skin and after 15 minutes your skin feels softer everywhere," company spokesman Dirk Vock said. "It is also a good remedy for people with skin problems."

"The beer cloaks bathers in a delicate aroma of malt," Vock said. The brewery recommendeds adding about three liters of beer per bath.

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