Beer tax boost?

Wyoming legislators will vote on measure to raise tax 400%

Nov 26, 2002 - Wyoming legislators have proposed boosting the state's beer tax 400% without raising taxes on wine or distilled spirits.


Members of the Labor, Health and Social Service Committee voted last week to send a proposal to the Legislature that increases the tax on beer from 2 cents per gallon to 8 cents per gallon. Wyoming has the lowest beer tax in the nation and has not raised the rate since the end of Prohibition.

Rep. Tony Ross, R-Cheyenne, voted against the proposal because he felt the committee was singling beer out. "If we need the money, why not increase the tax on wine and distilled spirits?" he said.

Dave Clements, president of Cheyenne Beverage, called the measure was unfair. "It will put more tax on the common man, Joe Six-Pack," he said.

The committee also voted to introduce a bill increasing the tobacco tax from 12 cents to 72 cents per pack to generate nearly $25 million in revenue. Beer taxes currently bring in about $270,000 and would grow to $1.1 million at the new rate.

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