California meadery has Chicago buzzing

Mountain Meadows Mead shines in national exposition

Nov 13, 2002 - Mountain Meadows Mead from California walked away with three awards this past weekend during the first international competition of honey wines. Meads were judged during Planet Buzz! in Chicago, a celebration of mead and cider.


Mountain Meadows Mead won first place with "Honeymoon Nectar" in the Traditional Mead category, the most competitive classification with 19 entries. The meadery's "Spice Nectar" took first place in the Metheglin (spiced mead) and Specialty category and "Cranberry Mead" captured second place in Melomel (fruit mead).

We were thrilled to win top awards for our most popular products," said Ron Lunder, founder and meadmaker at Mountain Meadows. "We hope that this recognition will help us with marketing and help us to secure wider distribution." Lunder added that the festival offered a great opportunity to taste some marvelous meads and ciders and to meet and alk shop with other meadmakers, both professional and amateur.

Veteran beer judge and competition organizer Ray Daniels created the Planet Buzz event and the associated competition. "We are very pleased with the results of the mead judging in this first-time competition," said Daniels of the blind tasting.

Polish meads took home two awards with products entered by their US importer, Stawski Distributing Co., Inc. of Chicago. "Jadwiga" from Apis in Lublin, Poland finished second in Traditional Mead behind Mountain Meadows and then the tables were reversed with "Koronny" from Milejow beating out Mountain Meadows to grab first place in Melomel.

In addition to the exposition of meads and ciders, the event offered education about mead and cider making. On Saturday, speakers talked about honey, apples and pears and generally about mead and cider production methods.

Traditional Mead
1st - Mountain Meadows Mead - Westwood, CA - Honeymoon Nectar
2nd - Stawski Distributing Co. - Chicago, IL - Jadwiga
3rd - Pirtle Winery - Weston, MO - Pirtle Sparkling Mead

Varietal Mead & Braggot
1st - Spurgeon Vineyards & Winery - Highland, WI - Mead (Apple Blossom)
2nd - White Winter Winery, Inc. - Iron River, WI - Oak Brackett
3rd - Desi's Dew Meadery - Rougemont, NC - Desi's Wildflower Sparkling Mead

1st - Stawski Distributing Co.- Chicago, IL - Koronny
2nd - Mountain Meadows Mead - Westwood, CA - Cranberry Mead
3rd - Redstone Meadery - Boulder, CO - Black Raspberry Nectar

Metheglin & Speciality
1st - Mountain Meadows Mead - Westwood, CA - Spice Nectar
2nd - T&A Vintners, LLC - Canton, MI - Mead Harbor West Coast Reserve
3rd - Smokehouse Winery - Sperryville, VA - Honeysuckle Metheglin

1st - Bulmers America - Wadsworth, IL - Woodchuck Raspberry
2nd - Boston Beer Company - Boston, MA - Hardcore Traditional Cider
3rd - Bulmers America - Wadsworth, IL - Woodchuck Pear

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