Labatt recalls 6 million bottles

Precautionary measure take after chips found in a few bottle necks

Nov 8, 2002 - Labatt Breweries has pulled more than 6 million bottles of beer before they reached the public because chips were found in the necks of some bottles.


Saying only a few hundred bottles in those cases actually have chips -- and no glass got into any bottles -- the brewery withdrew 252,000 cases as a precaution before they got to market, said Bob Chant, a Labatt spokesperson.

Affected brands included Budweiser, Labatt Blue, Blue Light, Labatt Ice and Labatt Classic for domestic sale and Blue, Blue Light and Ice intended for export to the U.S.

Chant declined comment on the cost of the withdrawal, calling it "proprietary information," adding it had to be done to ensure quality. "We have captured all of the product as part of our quality-control process and we withdrew all of it," Chant said.

Labatt workers will manually check more than six million bottles of beer to find the few hundred with chips. "It's not quite a needle in a haystack, it's more like a knitting needle in a haystack," said Chant. "We are examining every bottle."

Chipped bottles will be recycled and the beer in them dumped. The remaining beer will be repackaged.

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