Boddingtons stays in Manchester

Interbrew agrees to brew ale in city where it was born

Nov 7, 2002 - Boddingtons beer — once advertised and still well known as "The Cream of Manchester" — will continue to be brewed at the Strangeways Brewery in Manchester, England, after Interbrew scuttled its plans to move production out of the city.


Transport & General Workers Union and local officials had waged a campaign to save the brewery, attracting international attention. The union even raised the possibility of seeking EU protected geographical status for the beer, similar to that enjoyed by products such as champagne, Parma ham and Cornish clotted cream. Interbrew had announced it would split brewing between Manchester and breweries in Preston, Lancashire and Magor, South Wales.

Interbrew agreed to continue all brewing of Boddingtons in Manchester, saving about 17 jobs, but warned the move was "subject to operational effectiveness of the brewery and Boddingtons' future sales performance." However, the keg packaging facility at Manchester will still close as planned next February, resulting in about 50 job losses.

Stewart Gilliland, chief executive of Interbrew UK, said: "In the past few weeks, the people of Manchester and Boddingtons drinkers have clearly demonstrated how passionately they care about the brewery and the brand.

"Ultimately, what will secure the future of Boddingtons is a sustained growth in sales of the brand — the more people that drink Boddingtons, the greater the success of the brand and security of the brewery."

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