Beer for books

Library Bar & Grill batenders will 'dress like librarians'

Oct 30, 2002 - A new bar in Tempe, Ariz. has offered to trade patrons beer for books.


So far the Library Bar & Grill hasn't had many takers. Its "Beer for Books" sign gets plenty of attention from passersby, but fewer than 50 beer coupons have been handed out in trade.

"We thought we might give away thousands and thousands of beers, but it hasn't worked that way," owner Julian Wright said. For trading in a book, a person receives a free beer, two books gets a mixed drink, and three earns a free menu item. For 100 books, you'll get a party for 10.

"People are too lazy to lug books down here," Wright said.

Wright has room on the shelves for 4,000 books. Besides the bookshelves, the library theme carries to the bartenders, who will be dressed as librarians, and the servers, donning school uniforms, featuring plaid skirts.

The Library is being built on the first floor of the historic Laird Building, constructed in 1893, and renovated in the 1990s to reflect its original Victorian look.