Beer and friends

Saturday is 'Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day'

Oct 28, 2002 - The American Homebrewers Association's fourth annual Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day is set for Saturday.


The AHA's Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day is an international effort to introduce people to the homebrewing hobby and establish relationships with local homebrew supply shops.

"Teaching a friend to homebrew is the best service a homebrewer can do for the hobby," said AHA Director Paul Gatza. "When a current brewer brings new brewers into the hobby, the entire beer community improves. The local shop receives more business and can provide fresher ingredients and better equipment selection. The local homebrew club has more potential members. And the brewing community receives more experienced, knowledgeable beer enthusiasts who can spread the word and point others toward better beer."

(Gatza had more to say on the subject in an interview before the first Teach a Friend day in 1999.)

The AHA encourages homebrewers to teach their non-brewing friends how to homebrew, register their brewing site at, and take non-brewing friends to their local homebrew shop to buy ingredients and have fun homebrewing.

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