Pint-size battle

Pub landlady fights for right to use traditional stein glasses

Oct 22, 2002 - The landlady of an Austrian-style pub in England plans to fight legislation which bans her from selling drinks in traditional one-liter stein glasses. Trading standards officials have ordered Austrian-born Andrea Schultz to replace the steins, at the Cardinal's Hat pub in Worcester, with traditional pint glasses.


Schultz has refused to comply with the rules, which say beer must be sold in imperial pint and half-pint measures. She may face prosecution for not complying with the law.

The rules for drinks poured from a pump differ from the majority of goods, which have to be served in metric quantities to comply with European legislation.

Schultz, who sells beer in both imperial and metric measures, says her customers should not be denied the freedom of choice. "Flutes and steins are integral to the flavour of Austrian beer and we've now collected around 1,200 signatures in three weeks from customers who want to keep them," she said.

Trading standards officials in Worcester said they had not yet decided what action to take and would not comment further.

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