Let the bottle do your talking

Molson labels designed to help men and women meet in bars

Oct 21, 2002 - Molson USA has introduced beer bottles designed to be conversation starters. Bottles of Molson Canadian and Candian Light carry labels on the back with messages such as "On The Rebound," "I See London, I See France," "I Just Want To Be Held," "Be Different. Say Yes," and of course, "Can I Get Your Number?"


"In bars and nightclubs all across America, everyday, young men and women engage each other in social situations," said Steve Breen, vice president of marketing for Molson USA. "The thinking behind Twin Labels was to create a fun and clever tool to help men and women comfortably interact with one another."

Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the Miami agency responsible for the labels, says they also poke a bit of fun at stereotypes often promoted by beer advertisers: macho guy, hot guy, rich guy.

"Today's beer drinkers really believe that drinking a particular brand makes a statement about who they are, such as, 'I'm a sexy guy' or 'I'm an upscale guy,'" said Jeff Hicks, president of Crispin.

"Each of the Twin Labels were designed to make it easier to have fun and meet people in bars. After all, that's why people go to them in the first place. Our job at Molson is to help them with this, and Twin Labels do so perfectly. Consumer reaction has been terrific," said Kurt Kane brand manager for Molson USA.

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