Planet Buzz

Festival of mead, cider and perry set for Nov. 8-9

Sept 5, 2002 - Organizers of the Real Ale Festival have announced plans for Planet Buzz, a celebration of mead, hard cider and perry to be held in Chicago on Nov. 8-9. Mead or honey wine includes a range of still and sparkling products that sometimes include fruit, spices or malt as flavorings. Perry is hard cider made from pears.


Modern craftspeople are increasingly making mead and cider in the United States -- much as their forefathers did long ago, said event organizer Ray Daniels. "I believe the time is right to help today's mead makers promote their products by introducing a broader segment of consumers to the diverse and interesting flavors available in fermented honey wines, hard ciders and perrys."

Daniels is modeling the new event on the successful Real Ale Festival, which he has organized along with the Chicago Beer Society for the past six years. The event will include judging of commercial meads and ciders with awards given in multiple categories. These competitions will be conducted as the International Mead Competition and International Cider & Perry Competition.

Daniels hopes to attract 50 to 75 different beverages from US and international producers. "That kind of selection will make it interesting for consumers and the media and also make for a worthwhile competition among the producers," he said. Daniels said he will promote the event nationwide as he does the Real Ale Festival.

For travel and event information, visit the Planet Buzz website, email or call the Craft Beer Institute at 773-665-1300.

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