100,000 bottles of beer

Man in Yugoslavia says he gave up water 30 years ago, drinking only beer

Aug 26, 2002 - A 72-year-old from Yugoslavia who says he has drunk nothing but beer for 30 years had his future grave specially designed with two bottles of beer cemented into the headstone.


Slobodan Ristivojevic says he gave up drinking anything but beer, even water, in 1972 and has since downed 100,000 bottles. Slobodan says he isn't an alcoholic and now only drinks six bottles a day -- down from 20 a day a few years ago.

"One beer is for me and another one for my loving wife Slavka," he told the Serbian daily Glas Havnosti when speaking of the headstone. "She drinks water too but likes beer and when we die I want to be sure we'll have beer there at the cemetery as well.

"There is no drink that refreshes like beer. I used to drink up to 20 bottles a day but nowadays it's only about six a day. I'm not an alcoholic, but I simply can't drink anything else but beer. If I were to drink a glass of water right now I think I'd just collapse on the floor."

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