Ohio OKs stronger beer

Alcohol limit doubled to 12%

June 19, 2002 - The Ohio Senate has followed the lead of the state house and voted to permit production of higher alcohol beer. The Senate voted, 28-4, to double the alcohol content limit for beer to 12%, a move that allows the sale of specialty beers that exceed the current 6% limit.


The legislation was supported by a coalition of the state's 40 microbreweries and brewpubs. Ted Lipovan, marketing manager for Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland, said the bill's passage means "the consumer wins" -- because many more varieties of beer will be available.

He said Ohio brewers have been impeded by the fact that surrounding states don't have similar alcohol content limits on beer.

Senators turned back an attempt on the floor, however, to tack a provision onto the beer bill that would have eliminated markups on wine in the state that can reach as high as 135%.

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