Peel this beer?

British retailer releases banana-flavored beer

Mar 26, 2002 - British supermarket chain Tesco has launched a new banana-flavored beer.


Peter Cattell, senior beer buyer for Tesco, said they were pleased with the end result - called Tesco Banana Bread Beer.

"All the signs are right," Cattel said. "Bananas are the No. 1 one product sold at Tesco and this banana-flavoured beer is already proving very popular with customers."

Tesco is the biggest retailer of beer in the UK, and has given many small and mid-sized breweries and opportunity to expand distribution. Tesco holds an annual Summer and Autumn beer challenge to all UK breweries. Beers are tasted blind by experienced beer judges, with the winners earning distribution throughout the Tesco chain. The banana beer was not a product of this program.

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