Michigan Brewing acquires Celis equipment

Brewery plans to have brewhouse online later this year

Mar 14, 2002 - Michigan Brewing Co. in Weberville, Mich., has acquired the Celis Brewery from Miller Brewing, including the 100-barrel brewhouse, tanks, packaging equipment, office equipment, lab equipment and everything else down to the janitorial supplies.


Michigan Brewing, the sixth largest brewery in the state, will install the 100-barrel brewery in a new and larger facility, and plans to have the new equipment online later this year. The Wit, or Belgian "white" style beer, is expected to become a major part of its portfolio.

Now that Michigan Brewing has bought the famous brewery lock, stock and barrel, many beer drinkers would like to it acquire the Celis brand, still owned by Miller.'s Beer Break newsletter reports there is reason to hope this might happen.

Pierre Celis, who revived the "white" style of beer in his native Belgium before selling the Hoegaarden brewery to Interbrew, established the Austin, Texas brewery in 1992. His beers, including Celis White, quickly earned a cult following.

Miller bought a majority stake in the Celis Brewery in 1995. It purchased the Celis family's minority interest in the business in April of 2000 and closed the brewery by year's end.

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