Beer can knows where you are

Packages of Bud include GPS transmitter to locate soccer ticket winners

Mar 7, 2002 - Anheuser-Busch has gone high tech to promote Budweiser to World Cup soccer fans in the United Kingdom.


The St. Louis-based brewing giant is selling packages of Budweiser with the promise that a limited number of bottles or cans will contain a GPS (Global Positioning System) transmitter that will entitle their owner to tickets to the World Cup.

A-B says this is the first time global positioning technology has been used in such a promotion.

One of the containers in a package will contain a GPS transmitter instead of beer. Once the can or bottle is opened satellites will track its position and pass it onto Budweiser. The brewer will then hand deliver the prize - tickets for the World Cup Finals.

A spokeswoman for the brewer said "the transmitter can find the can to within 15 feet - then we can deliver the prizes." The company said 25 of the special packs are already on sale in the UK. These include six-packs and packages of 15 cans and 10 bottles, sold as multi-packs.

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