A-B ads 'super' again

MSU faculty calls dive-bombing bird spot best of Super Bowl XXXVI

Feb 4, 2002 - The advertising faculty at Michigan State University has declared Anheuser-Busch the winner the commercial battles during Super Bowl XXXVI.


The brewer produced five of the top 10 commercials in the university's rankings. A Bud Light commercial featuring a dive-bombing bird that steals bottles of beer for its owner was rated best of all, edging out E-Trade's parody of a musical production created by a monkey for the top spot

"Anheuser-Busch just did a great job this year," said Steve Edwards, a Michigan State advertising professor. "They really drew your attention and caught you."

Taking the third spot was another Anheuser-Busch ad that featured a woman luring her male companion to bed with beer. The man crashes through the bedroom window after sliding on the red satin sheets she had put out.

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