Prison beer run

Vermont man 'escapes' to buy beer and cigarettes, then returns to prison

Dec 11, 2001 - A Vermont man apparently left a prison work camp, bought beer and cigarettes and then returned to jail.


Authorities says that Mark Delude of South Barre crawled under the fence that surrounds the St. Johnsbury work camp, walked a mile and a half to the nearest convenience store, bought a 24-pack of beer and a carton of cigarettes and then returned.

Vermont State Police Lt. George Hacking, a 21-year veteran, said it was the first case of its kind he'd ever investigated. "I don't remember trying to catch people trying to break back in," Hacking said. "But nothing surprises me."

The Vermont prison work camp is for minor, nonviolent offenders serving short sentences. After Delude was caught outside the prison he was returned to custody and transferred to a prison with a secure perimeter fence system. The beer run could get him two more years behind bars.